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Appeal for help after puppy is snatched by dogs


Little Ty who was attacked and dragged off by dogs
A DISTRAUGHT couple are appealing to local people to be aware of vicious dogs in the Seymour Hill area after their pet pup was dragged away by other animals in a brutal assault.

The appeal comes just days after Dolores and Thomas Spratt's much loved puppy Ty was attacked by two dogs and dragged away.

While the couple were at a funeral Thomas's mother Mary, 72, was looking after the six-month-old Lakeland Terrier. She decided to take the puppy for a walk not knowing the dreadful ordeal that was to follow.


While walking along the back of the estate near Seycon football pitch, Mary noticed an Alsatian and a Jack Russell 3so she changed direction. Suddenly the dogs were beside her and within seconds the Alsatian had grabbed little Ty by the back and ripped him off his collar and lead, running away with him. A terrified Mary tried to chase after the dogs, hearing Ty's painful yelps, but couldn't keep up. Her son says she is totally devastated and still in shock.

"My mother is in a bad way. We have called in the dog warden but we really want people to be careful as this could happen again and a child could be hurt. It is outrageous that dangerous animals are allowed to roam the area. Something must be done. I don't blame the animals, I blame their owner."

Mr Spratt says he and his wife want to know what happened to their dog.

"We would like to know if anybody came across Ty after the attack. We want closure so if anybody has seen his body please get in touch. We think our dog is dead and we have walked the fields but there is no sign of him. We don't want this to happen to anyone else."

A spokesperson for Lisburn City Council confirmed that the Council's Dog Warden is currently investigating the incident. They explained that under the current legislation they cannot take action against the owner of a dog attacking another domestic pet. The Order only permits action if a dog has attacked a person.

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development recently undertook a public consultation on proposed changes to dog legislation, which would allow action to be taken if a dog attacks another dog. This consultation ringed on February 1 The Council can however take action against any owner for allowing their dog to stray in public.

If you have any information on the attack on Ty please call Mr Spratt on 077I5042I04.

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