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Moira toddler saves his baby brother

Aaron calls mum after baby gets trapped in cot


Kim Winters with her sons Aaron and Samuel- LM3910-144gc Aaron with baby brother Samuel in the cot.

Kim Winters with her sons Aaron and Samuel- LM3910-144gc

Aaron with baby brother Samuel in the cot.

A MOIRA mum has branded her two year old a 'hero toddler' after he helped to save the life of his little brother.

Last Friday morning (September 24) Kim Winters was woken up early by her two year old son Aaron who was crying 'Mummy mummy, baby, mummy . She dashed into the bedroom where two of her three children sleep and found Aaron standing at the bottom of his cot calling out in a distressed manner.

"At first I thought he had gotten his foot stuck between the cot bars as he usually does," explained Kim. "However he continued to yell and screech 'Baby'. It was then I looked towards the cot were my 6 month old new son Samuel slept and saw him under the blankets head first.

"He had done a complete 360 degree turn and went under the covers head first, they were wrapped around his head and face so tightly that he couldn't even cry or thrash about and I thought the worst straight away.

"After removing them and checking he was ok I hugged my two year old so much I almost crushed him.

He had just saved his brother's life just alerting me.

"This was a miracle," she continued. "My two year old always sleeps until approximately 9am and this day should have been no exception as it had taken some time to get him asleep the night before. Not only had he woken out of routine that morning, but he was alert enough to look at his baby brother, know something was wrong, that it was dangerous for him to have the covers over his head and that he needed to alert a grown up.

"My alarm wasn't set to go off for another 20 minutes in order to get my five year old daughter ready for school so if Aaron hadn't woken me there is no doubt that I would have found my new baby dead in the next 20 minutes.

'Aaron has no concept of what he has just done and how amazing he is. He is a real hero."

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