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Local ghostbusters go hunting for spooks in Moira

When there's something strange in the neighbourhood, who you gonna call?


From lelt to right are local ghostbusters Chris, Will, Geoff and Darren. MOIRA has a long and interesting history and now a group of ghostbusters are planning to spend a night finding out if any of the former residents of the picturesque village are still about.

They will hunt for spooks and listen out for bumps in the night when they spend the night in the Ivory Restaurant's 150-year-old building in aid of the animal charity, Bright Eyes.

A group of seven people, including one lucky ballot winner, will spend the night on a ghost hunt starting at the Demesne before arriving at the Ivory as they hunt for paranormal activity.

With EMF readers in hand and listening devices at the ready the group will embark on their chilling search on Monday November I, All Saints' Day and continuing into the early hours of Tuesday November 2, All Soul's Day - otherwise known as the Day of the Dead!

The investigation in the Ivory will be broadcast live on the Ivory's website, to allow local ghostnusters the chance to see any potential ghostly goings on. Moira's rich and varied history should provide fertile ground for the group. The village was the site of the Battle of Moira in AD637, said to be one of the most blood-thirsty in early Irish History. When Moira's Railway was being built, great quantities of bones were discovered which are believed to have been from the men and horses killed in the battle.

Local man Will Crawford has organised the event and in a trial run in the Ivory, Will and his crew came across plenty of ghostly activity and strange happenings.

Will explained: "The first time we were in the Ivory we set up the laptop and as soon as we left it went black; it was at 97% power and immediately it went to 3%. We were also talking downstairs and on the recording we could hear a woman's voice as clear as day saying 'What are you doing?', it was really freaky.

"Hopefully we will get plenty of activity, we're looking for orbs, noises. The people I'm working with are all computer guys and Chris Shields is a member of the Northern Ireland Paranormal Research Association (NIPRA). Cahir Mullan, the owner of the Ivory, will also be taking part.

"I'm looking forward to it," added Will. "With Halloween at that time, I'm hoping it will make people more interested and we can raise as much as possible for the charity."

The Lisburn chef wanted to help Bright Eyes, as he previously worked close to the sheiteer in Fermanagh and has seen at first hand the work they do.

Ballots, priced £5, are currently on sale in the Ivory, and will give people the chance to win some fabulous prizes, including a meal for two or the unique chance to spend the night on the ghost hunt, with the winner being announced on Thursday October 28, when the Ivory will offer customers the chance to enter the ballot and offer special promotiions will be on offer.

For further information you can contact the Ivory at 59 Main Street, Moira, or visit

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