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Hot dog saves owner from chip pan horror



Pet Idol runner-up Kara, the cute Yorkshire Terrier cross, with proud owner Margaret Marston from Lisburn.
A YORKSH1RE-terrier cross from the Maze has received an award for bravery after alerting her owner when she dozed off and left the chip pan unattended. Nine-year-old Kara was runner up in the Pet Idol competition at the Irish Game Fair and Country Lifestyle Festival at Shanes Castle on Saturday.

Owner Margaret Marston, explained that two years ago, while living in Manchester, she had put on the chip pan to make the tea one afternoon. Margaret (53), a chef' had been doing a 12 hour shift the previous day and was feeling run down and believes she may have fallen asleep. She suddenly heard Kara barking and jumped up to find the chip pan was smoking in the kitchen and about to burst into flames.

She managed to switch the hot oil off and open the doors and windows to Iet the smoke out. And she's certain that if it hadn't been for Kara there could have been a tragedy.

Margaret only entered Kara into the contest to take her mind off some traumatic news, that her seven week old granddaughter in England will have to undergo open heart surgery when she is six months old.

"I have had many dogs all my life but none quite like Kara" Margaret said. "She is really intelligent. She barked to alert me as she could smell the oil and could see what was happening. I thought this is just amazing".

"She is a real character. If I am on the phone she knows exactly when I am talking about her and knows just when it is biscuit time."

Margaret says that Kara also acts as a guard dog. One day her son Jason came home and couldn't get into the house as he hadn't got a key. He used their large dog flap to get in but Kara thought he was a burglar and started to attack him.

Fortunately for Jason, when she realised it was him she let go.

"Kara is a very special dog'" said Margaret. "I talk to her and tell here where I am going when I am going out and she knows exactly where I am. She knows when it's time for treats. She is so intelligent but she is also so cute she is unbelievable."

For her prize Margaret will get a £200 Barbour jacket and £100 worth of Jolley vouchers.

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