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Mayor welcomes new Secretary of State to Hillsborough Show

Barry Mitchell, 0wen Paterson (Secretary of State), Allan Ewart (Mayor of Lisburn City Council), Mrs Denise Ewart and Mrs Anne Mitchell enjoy the beautiful weather at Garden Show lreland. Pic by Bunny Parsons. Owen Paterson Northern Ireland's newly appointed Secretary of State visited Garden Show Ireland last weekend. He was welcomed by Show Director, Claire Faulkner. Pic by Bunny Parsons.

THE new Secretary of State, Owen Paterson was welcomed to Hillsborough last weekend by the Mayor of Lisburn, Councillor Allan Ewart.

The Secretary of State and his wife had been staying in Hillsborough Castle for their first weekend in Northern Ireland

and were able to wander down through the castle grounds to visit Garden Show Ireland.

There they admired Show Gardens designed by some of Northern Ireland's leading horticulturalists and the many other attractions at the Show.





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