Ecclesia De Drum

By Matthew Neill







The Rt Revd Dr Gordon Mullan

Chapter 1:

Into History
  Rathmore (1) Early Period


 The Volunteers



Our First Written Records


Reference List


Chapter 2:

1823 - 1878

Four Rectors -

J.L.M. Scott

  G.W. Tyrell

Thos. Walker


G.T. Payne

  Consecration of Present Church 1870

Chapter 3:

1878 - 1918
  Canon Ryder


The Church in Drumbeg 100 Years Ago

The Great Confirmations




Chapter 4:

1918 - 1982

Four Rectors -

C.C. Manning


Sam. Hemphill


S.R. McGarvey


H.L. Uprichard

Chapter 5: Our Visitors


(Including `A Free Howse')

Chapter 6:

An Auspicious Signature


Our Bishop


Our Present Rector


Chapter 7:

Sons of Drumbeg

W.B. Neill


Frank Robinson


Charles Moore


The Anderson Memorial Tablet


Timothy Anderson


Elliott Wilson


Chapter 8:

Arts and Crafts

Our Stained Glass


Music in Church


Harvest Thanksgivings


Our Silver


Chapter 9:

  The Charley Family

Rathmore (2)


The Drum House


The Green Hedge


Bridge House


McCances of Suffolk


Chapter 10:




Our Churchyards

List of Curates, Rectors and Churchwardens