A thought of man has built this portentous establishment of war and only a thought of Man will make it disappear again from the earth".

"And so it is not a great master how long men refuse to believe the advent of peace: war is on its last legs; and a universal peace is as sure as is the prevalence of civilization over barbarism, of liberal government over feudal forms.. The question for us its only How soon?"

The fact that brutality has increased, that Man's increasing material intelligence has also bred the ability of unbelievable destruction, unbelievable hedonism, laziness and conceit, all these are the rocks that have to be climbed. How, long? I think, that it will be centuries. Today we have to look for the uncorrupted and good among the thriving vegetation of horror and inhumanity. But efforts such as these are the really important ones and will, in the end succeed. Mankind will have to be brought very low with its own destructive devices. 
But the truly free choice is helping others and not living for oneself.

Tom Forman 
Boston, United Stales of America