From Debbie Gornall & Marie Niblock

It is a great pleasure for Venture Productions to be associated with the initiatives emanating from the children of Northern Ireland and in particular A Ray of Hope. In Venture we value and strive towards the ideals of UNESCO and United Nations and by doing so attempt to make a little difference in a world that continues to have so much sadness and suffering. 
And to those who read or hear this message let the white wings of the dope enchant you - let the peoples of the world find their pearl of wisdom and realise that our differences be they colour, race or creed should be seen as magical and not a source of malice.

"Teach me to feel another's woe 
To hide the fault I see 
That mercy I to others show 
that mere shoes to me" Pope


Life is a pretty precious and wonderful thing that we are privileged to have. We tend to underestimate its value as our survival seems to overtake most of our precious time - Time to reflect has come and now that we are approaching the millennium our duty is to contribute towards the development of a Culture of Peace for a better world around us. 
A peace is not just feeling content with ourselves and our surroundings - because there are others who may not have that peace - others whose suffering is overtaking their lies - so peace at the present time requires our co-operation and if we can share our individual fulfillment with others, we will be flooding the earth with the love that the actions need to reach out for.
Contribute to the recreation of an environment where children and the young can reach out for their own fulfillment - a continuous endeavor for a better world.