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Lucy's artistic talent raises money for African children


Lucy with Lynsey Evans, Manager of the children's department, who donated pants to the charity 'Smalls for All'.

A LITTLE girl from Lisburn has put her creative side to good use after selling her drawings to raise money for charity.

Lucy Grant, who is 7, held a viewing of her pictures last Saturday morning and invited family to come and purchase their favourites. She raised £50 in aid of the charity 'Smalls for All' an organisation which seeks to 'say pants to poverty' by providing underwear for girls and women in Africa.

Lucy and her mother Leah took the money raised to Marks and Spencer and spoke with Lynsey Evans, Manager of the children's department, who very kindly donated a further three packs of girls' pants for free.

Lucy said: "I had drawn lots of pictures and I thought I would sell them and give the money to charity Me and mummy found out about a charity that buys pants for little girls in Africa that don't have any. Every wee girl should have a pair of pants. I was sorry for the girls that couldn't go to school because they had no pants.

"I invited my family to see my art gallery. They bought their favourite pictures and they had a cup of tea. We went to Marks and Spencer and we got five packs of girls' pants and we got three packs of pants for ladies too. M & S even gave us pants for free. I'm glad that some girls will be able to go to school now because of their new pants," Lucy added.

Lucy's mother Leah said: "Smalls for All is a small charity based in Scotland. Although we sent girls' pants, they also seek to provide underwear for boys. It is a charity which helps women and
children in Africa meet their most basic hygiene and security needs.

I just thought that this was something that Lucy could connect with, it was something she could easily understand, and is something that anyone could get involved in. Money's tight for everyone these days, but a pair of pants doesn't cost that much. It's incredible to think that such a tiny thing could make a difference to someone. Selling the pictures and giving the money to charity was Lucy's own idea. As a Christian, it's important to me that my family don't just think of themselves, so I'm really pleased that, although she's only young, Lucy is already thinking of others."

Leah continued: "We'd like to say a big thank you to Marks and Spencer for their generosity. We chose to buy the underwear from them because of then efforts to trade ethically - no point trying to improve one child's life at the expense of another. "I telephoned the store before we went in and Lynsey, manager of the children's department, was more than happy to help us out. She let Lucy choose 3 packs of pants for free - taking the total value of pants sent to over £70. Thanks also goes to the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends that supported the morning. If anyone would like more information on Smalls for All, it can be found on their website: lucy-grant.html.

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