Davy Jones


Hi again,
I was over home for a month and brought back the picture of my Dad (Norman McClatchey) and Davy Jones. This picture was taken in the summer of 1965 while my dad was employed by Stanley Hewitt on the Dublin Road. My Dad then went to work at Derryvolgie Filling station and worked there till he died in Sept 1975.

My Dad was a good dart Player and a regular drinker at Halls Pub......I should remember the name of the dart team as he won many cups. So many that my Mother had a one in one out rule. When he won a cup she took the oldest one off the top of the pelmet and replaced it with the newest one. Both pelmets were lined with cups and he never did realize what she was doing. :-)

I really enjoy your web site, I would like to see a section on the Top Hat and the bands that played there. I will have to check it again as maybe there is one there on the local dance halls. I have a photo of myself and Shane Fenton taken when he sang there. Ah for the good old days. Oh well enjoy the photo of Davy Jones

Sincerly Vera Hall Info

If anyone out there has any old photographs please email or post them to me so that they can be included in this site Jim Collins

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