Big thank you from

An ode to Letitia

They seek her here, they seek her there.
They seek Letitia everywhere.
The forum’s dead, she’s done a runner.
Where on earth’s our kitchen stunner.

Come back dear girl, all is forgiven.
We miss you so, our heads are driven:
Mad with boredom, yes they are.
I’ve even had to wash the car.

With you on board, the time fair passes
You really do inform the masses:
Of market day and trips to Tesco,
To wine and dine but not alfresco.

Your Courgette soup has Tommy foaming
And Donald to the Bierhouse roaming .
With breathless hush our hearts are pounding.
We toss our salad, peppers grounding.

I’ve sat down here and sung and whistled,
Since last your keyboard action bristled.
So “Haste ye back”, we need your madness
To dissipate out autumn sadness.

And one last thought before I finish,
Your absence does the board diminish.
So here and now without a flourish.
Please help us all our taste buds nourish.