Big thank you from


For the fragrance from a primrose bank
That winds the Lagan side
The meadowsweet that's growin' rank
In narra' shoughs and wide;
The bluebells hid in shady groves,
An' daisies on the plain,
The hawthorne buds for happy loves
Do call me home again.

An' for the saft an' balmy air
That warms Kilwarlin Hills
When echoes o' the songsters there
The shades o' evenin' stills;
The little brooks past trystin' stiles
By many a leafy lane,
Where Ireland gets her winsome smiles
Do call me home again.

Through glens that reach tae uplands heights
Where toil an' work begins;
To view the wealth o' spring's delights
An' blaze o' yella whins;
The cottage smoke o' welcome fires
In kitchens nate an' clain,
The comfort foun' in plain desires
Do call me home again.

Hard by the Church so grey an' old
On slopin' grassy lea,
Where sunken graves o' parents mould,
Are precious still to me,
An' through the darkenin' cloud o' years
My hopes an' ties remain;
Tae mingle mine wae Ireland's tears
When safely home again.

A VERSE that many an Exile has had.!!!!!