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Can you write the tune?

Why don’t we hear about love anymore
About roses, rubbing noses, and sighs
Why don’t boys walk girls home anymore
And gaze tenderly into their eyes?

Maybe it was all just a dream, that old band
And didn’t really happen at all
Those two kids walkin’ along hand in hand
From springtime right through to the fall

Remember the night of the rock’n’roll waltz
April love, and stand by your man?
Every era, I know, has its faults
But this one, it’s gone down the pan.

Garage and house, hip hop and rap
Disk jockeys with no horse to ride
When I hear all that stuff, I pull down my cap
And go look for some place to hide

I’m out of my time now, and winters feel cold
The days of romance are long gone
I have to confess that I’m feeling quite old
And maybe it’s time I passed on

Dabbler (Joe Reid)