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Dear Little Cottage

Written by W. J. Ellis.

There’s a dear little cottage
Near a grand little town
By the side of a “Byeroad,”
In the “Ould County Down.”
There’s a smile and a welcome,
Aye, awaiting for me
And still in my memory
Those dear faces I see.

And I dream of them often
I dream of the day
Of when I’ll be returning
From far far away
All the birds will be singing
And away every frown.
On returning to Blaris,
In the “Ould County Down.”

There’s a quaint little garden,
With a “wee” summer seat,
All around it is bordered,
By its hedges, so neat
There is care and attention ,
Much patience and toil
A mute tribute to someone
Whose been tilling the soil.

There’s a day will be dawning,
And it draws very near
When the dawn will be breaking
Of, our victory clear.
I’ll be coming a singing,
And my worries unload
To my home in that cottage
On the old “Blaris Road.”

“Shore” we’ll hold a grand party.
A real Irish affair,
As once more in that cottage,
We’ve all gathered there.
There’ll be music and laughter
And dancing galore,
There’ll be “Barn dance and Lancers,”
To the creak of the floor.

It’s a dream I am dreaming,
(They say dreams do come true.)
Of that sweet little cottage
And the friends that I knew.
Well, Perhaps come the summer,
To my dear Lisburn town.
I’ll be back in that cottage,
In the “Ould County Down.”

This poem was written around 1940 by Jack Ellis. His home cottage was on the Blaris Road. When we went to Ireland earlier this year it is sadly a ruin.

Joan Farr.