Big thank you from

Hello dear old Lisburn

Hello dear old Lisburn,
We greet you from afar.
No matter where we are.
Happy days, homely ways,
Friendships good and true,
Remain with its though divided
By a vast ocean blue.

We wonder if you miss us
Just as we miss you kind folk.
For we long to hear the accent
Of that Irish brogue you spoke.
We appreciate the humour
And the good old Irish way
In which you opened up your hearts
To us through our happy stay.

So just carry on dear Lisburn
In Your sweet old fashioned way
Making strangers happy
Your reward will come one day.
So until we meet again
We wish you luck and cheerio
Until the day of victory
And peace comes as before.

Written sometime during the period 1940 to 42 by a soldier from the 160th Welsh Field Ambulance after leaving Lisburn.

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