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A Lisburn Exiles Goodbye to his brother

A Lisburn Goodbye

I went back after nearly fifty years, and saw my brother
Nearest to my age, and now about to die
I could not hold back the tears, indeed, why bother?
As children he had often see me cry

He made no dents in history, my little brother
But many in my memory, in my mind
Curly haired child, handsome like no other
I toddled along in front, and he behind.

But soon he walked, talked, climbed and ran
Sometimes more than I would dare
Before I knew it, he was almost a man
At which point, I left him there.

Looking at him now, lying there on the bed,
I saw an old and sickly man that day
There was much that I must sadly leave unsaid
But I told him what I mostly came to say

I told him that I loved him, this aged, dying man
From whom I had parted so many years before
But whom I never could forget, nor ever can.
I will hold him in my heart forever more