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What has happened to that quiet, sleepy, little town

Where we were young & happy & many of us found

Lifelong inspiration in the beauty of your ways

Paths beside the Lagan, sun-filled childhood days.

Castle gardens, Covent walls, The Ryans,

Did you dare, clamber through the opening, find hidden
tunnels there.

Old Wallace Park, The Cricket Matches, leisurely & slow,

Crisp crack of ball, the drowsy handclap,...steam trains down below.

Remember summer football, The Bleachers, Hilden Rec.

Lisnagarvey Hockey Team, Tennis in the Tech.?

Winter dances in St. Joseph's. Orange Hall or E.M.B.

Variety in Assembly Rooms, Whist Drives, the great Guest Teas.

Sunday morning hunting through the 40 acre fields.

Poker games (with look-outs) clink of coins, the cry "Who deals"?

Blundells in the Markets, switch back and fun-fare shows.

A nickelodeon playing, while we queued for games.

3 goes to win a prize - The Bicycle!.. . maybe just a coloured toy.

Who cared for winning anyway.?

The Game was " Girl meets Boy."

Rituals of courting, dressing up for dates.

Catholics & Protestants were then the best of mates.

Billy went with Mary, Sean loved Betty Best.

We seldom married "other sorts"

Just let the matter rest.

Lisburn on the Lagan, we remember you and care.

Respectable, no nonsense town, Industrious, Fair.

That's the Lisburn I remember, the dear, dear friends so kind.

You're always in my memory, that town I left behind.

Pat Burns (written in 1976)

Hope you like it. Another old find in my desk.

Submitted by Pat Burns