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Lisburn Town 

Down Chapel Hill to Antrim Street and into Bachelor’s Walk
Railway Street, Wallace Avenue on a Sunday we would walk
Along Seymour and up Castle Street then around by Market Square
Down Piper’s Hill to Linenhall and through to Smithfield Square

Out the Dublin Road we’d stroll then into Warren Park
A very quiet part of town don’t linger when it’s dark
Along by Warren Gardens and on to old Longstone
Down to Chapel Hill again and then we’d head for home

Lisburn town how much you’ve changed these past 50 years
The shops I knew as I grew up have all but disappeared
Duncan’s on the corner the Maypole and the Coop
Bruce’s for your new school shoes it was the place to go

Elmore’s for your potted herrin's Lipton’s for your tea
Lamont’s is still the best fruit shop now that is plain to see
Mongomery’s for great fish and chips folk came from near and far
And Alexander Boyd’s big shop sold biscuits from a jar

Tuesday it was market day behind the high stone wall
And Hector in his big blue van sold items large and small
I’ll start off at a fiver agh sure that’s far too much
And he’d sell you 40 toilet rolls for 6 pence from your purse

The picture house is now a bank it closed many years ago
And Stickie Sloan with his wee black torch he kept us all in tow
For 3d on a Saturday we rode across the West
And at 5 o’clock charged down Bow Street like hornets from their nest

No doubt you’ll think the facts are wrong but the truth to you I’ll tell
We had shops on every corner in this fine old Ulster town
We had 13 butcher’s shops in all with 18 grocery stores
And if I sit and really think no doubt I’ll name some more

Lyrics Noel McMaster