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Love for my mother dear

The love I felt for my mother dear
As her hair I groomed as a child
Along the way her daughter walked away
Looking for love within

Her mother she knew - to be dear and a friend
Her father dear to the end
She treasures the memories of parents dear
As the picture remains within

I remember the skirts she carefully sewed
As out of the house I did run
She gave of her time and her life
Asking only for love from within

The times she spent sewing for the children she knew
The knitting only God knows
The gift of a will to live her life
The fight that came from within

The laughter she knew, she wished would last
As her children and grandchildren came in
My mother how I wish her life
As happiness must come from within.

Daphne Tkachuk (nee Martin)

email received from Daphne. if any one recognises Daphne please get in touch with her

Dear Jim:

Me again - I noticed that you wanted some poetry - well, the one that I have written was for my mother - she was Sylvia Martin and her maiden name was Crone. My mother has sewed very skilfully all of her life and many people have benefited either from her sewing or her knitting. She sewed when we lived in Ireland and in fact as a child I remember the people coming to the house for fittings. Well she will be 80 years of age on Sunday, April 15th and is still sewing today. So, in tribute and in deep love and affection for my mother for all the words of Wisdom (I must admit - there were lots of times that I didn't listen) and for her wit and strong will to overcome many battles in life, I send you this poem. Her parents were Samuel Crone and Marjorie Fox - they lived initially on the Longstone Street and then moved to Warren Park. I lived with them as a child.