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Memories of Gold

I didn't think of the family bond
I wanted to be rich, not poor
But I didn't know just how much was gone
The day that I walked out the door

I travelled a bit around many towns
I made a few bob here and there
I had some ups, and I had some downs
I learned to be tough, and not care

My brothers and sisters, my mum and my pap
Were soon buried deep in my mind
The years covered up that terrible gap
In my heart, that I left behind

My brothers and sisters, those that remain
Won't recall when I played with them
But though they are all now grown women and men
I love them exactly the same

For, as I row old, my memories unfold
Of the days when we played up the lane
They cannot be sold, these memories of gold
How I wish I could live them again

The Dabbler