Big thank you from

My grannies apron

I still have me grannies apron
It's blue with flowers upon
It's big enough to fit round me twice
But I had it on this morn.

I wear it every now and then
I'm grateful, not abased.
The only thing that's missing
Is the chest upon the waist.

And when I think of granny
I see that well lined face
I take out that ol worn apron
And I'm back in her old place

Up the Buildings, near the pigeon loft
Not far from Piper's Hill
I went there every day from school
Til me ma came out the mill

But give me grannies apron!
Don't put it in the bin!
I never could replace it
The thought would be a sin.

It's in honour of her memory
She neither wrote nor read
So I'll wear that ol blue apron
Til I'm half or wholly dead!

Liz Brandon