Big thank you from

Pump Lane

If this big world was mine to give
I'd give it all and more
To be young again and live in Pump Lane
In the house with the little brown door

From all over they came to play in the lane
They never had money or toys
For they made their own games I forget all their names
But they made happy girls and boys

Someone from each family worked in the mill
That was just a stones throw from their doors
And the men played hand-ball on a big grey stone wall
I don't think they ever got bored

The women worked hard and their pleasures were few
They were happy to share what they had
If they were living today what would they say
For the old homes they loved are all gone

There were Kerrs and McKees, McDonalds, Magees
There were Harrisons, Taggarts, McCoys
There was Woods and Clarkes who were up with the larks
There were Spences, McCormicks and Roys

There was Bakers and Conners and Englishes too
And John Bell lived at the top
And just round the corner on the front street
Davey Greer had a wee sweety shop

The memories live on of those days that are gone
They'll never come back any more
For the old place where we played and loved long ago
Is now Crazy Prices big store

By Mary Woods