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A Sate in the Park

By Don Savage

The roads are gettin' long Joe and the hills more hard to climb.
The Wallace Park has changed a bit since we were in our prime.
Here we sit on this oul' bench as oft we've done before
and reminisce of happy days, aye, happy days of yore.

Remember on that cricket pitch, the lads we used to see
The Martins and the Finlays, Jack Bowden - where is he?
Snooker Blaney opened and he cudda hit a score,
I think he got an Irish cap, or was it three or four?

Ye mind thon fella Crothers, by gum he stumped them out
There wasn't many careless hand when Georgie was about.
I mind some very good lads too, away longafore that,
Do you mind young Sammy Edgar "Oh boy!" cud thon lad bat.

They tell me Maurice Robinson done well across the water,
I wonder how Monteith wud do but I suppose it doesn't matter,
An' oul Jeff Keery's over there, he lives somewhere in Kent,
A very hard oul battler, no matter where he went.

The man we lost to Lurgan, big Hunter from Dunmurry,
Whenever he was in the mood, he got fifty in a hurry.
There's names too I cannot mind, to me they're only faces,
I wish they were back again, playin for their places.

I see that wee lad Walker, knocks about the park a lot,
He led the side a brave few years an' a right few runs he got,
An' Jackie Simpson's chairman now, I heard some fella say,
I wudda walked from here to Bangor just to watch that big lad play.

Simpson Robinson's in there too, Aye, he's a leadin' light.
He made a darlin' hundred down at North one friday night.
Tom McCloy, he's packed it in, I find that very sad.
Played thirty times for Ireland and mind ye, that's not bad.

I wonder how they'll do next year under young Monteith?
Do ye think that they kinface the might of Anderson and Reith,
Corlett, Elder, Linehans, Joshi Harrisons and the rest?
Wudn't it be nice, Joe, if we cud finish best?

For we have got Solanky who can use both bat and ball
And that young fella Kirkwood cud be better than tham all.
But I think I'll dander home now, Joe, Mary toul me not to stay
So I'll lave ye wi' your memories and go home and get ma tay.