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Shopping In Lisburn

Shopping for presents in Lisburn today
I cast my mind back to years far away,
When our needs were all met by shops of renown
Who were each well established in old Lisburn town.

Our fashion was bought at McMahon's and Hardy's,
For a hat Tweedy Acheson's shop or Menary's.
Lizzie Anderson helped with a new pair of shoes
Also Tylers and Clarkes, there was plenty to choose.

Provisions were fresh and ready to hand
At the Home & Colonial Stores by demand,
A look in the window, cooked meats on display,
And the housewife would soon have her choice for `the tay'.

If you needed a vase, a bucket or mop,
McCormick's in Bow Street was where you should shop,
A bright coloured carpet to cover your floor?
The windows in Berwoods had them by the score.

For DIY needs try Charlie Hall's shop
From the box overhead your money would drop,
And if on your travels you needed to eat,
Ginesi's sold fish and chips cooked a treat.

For coffee and bacon it had to be Boyd's,
Titterington's, Petticrew's - furniture, toys,
At Jefferson's, lawnmowers, screws, bolts and oil,
Some good fertiliser to perk up your soil.

The Maypole for eggs, the meat bought at Green's,
Jack Young had overcoats hung from the beams.
Orr's Chemist for Brylcream, corn cures for your feet,
The Savoy was the place if you fancied a sweet.

At the heart of the town was the big Woolworth's store
Its counters piled high with items galore,
Biscuits, and sweets, shoe laces and thread,
A packet of Rennies, a `jar' for your bed.

If you'd money to spend on a brand new TV
J.C. Patterson's store was where you should be,
Black and white screens they had by the dozen
To watch the sport there at the weekend cost nothing.

Kitty Malloy was known for ice cream,
Her recipe used was considered `a dream'.
To paper the house Jack Booth would supply
All the latest designs to gladden the eye.

For Bibles and pictures and books about God,
Down Railway Street go and find Anna Todd.
At Boyle's on the corner a watch could be found
Need a jumper or cardigan? - try Margaret Browne.

To buy a new bike William Dick was your man
Triumph and Raleigh were his favourite brands.
A patch you could buy, or your puncture he'd mend,
And this local trader had many a friend.

At Castle Street Co-Op they served in a jiffy,
As well as the goods they would offer a `divvy'
For a freshly baked loaf or a nice apple tart
Take a walk to `the Square' and see Alex Smart.

Rutherford's, Skelly's and Jim Madden too
All groceries supplied and delivered to you,
Material and bedclothes at Eric McKnight's,
Suspenders and stockings – no need then for tights!

If you wanted some `wheels' to travel afar
Stevenson Brothers would sell you a car.
Elmore's supplied a variety of fish,
And a nice potted herring was their special dish.

On the corner of Antrim Street Tom Duncan's shop
Sold all a man wanted from long johns to hats,
His window display drew many a gaze
And a black furry cat enjoyed the sun's rays.

And don't forget Jordan's for good country butter
Plastic daffodils too in a bucket on offer,
And over the window the big lion watched
All the hustle and bustle at this Bow Street shop.

Those days are all gone, half a century ago,
We can't bring them back, that's one thing I know,
But for those who experienced this time in our past,
These scenes from our childhood in memory will last.