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The sights and delights of Lisburn

A POEM on the sights and delights of Lisburn by local woman Mary Woods has been published in Fold News.

Mary, from Manor Park. has already had work published in 'Poets of Northern Ireland and since 'Lisburn Town' first appeared she has had numerous requests for a copy.
So here it is: 

Lisburn Town

There's a quaint little town dearly loved by us all
And its built on else banks of the Lagan canal.
With its wide open streets that run up hill and down
There's stories in history of old Lisburn town.

They were hard working folk here it's plain to be seen
and they loved this old town In this valley so green
And wherever they roam they loved to come home,
Home to Lisburn, dear old Lisburn Town

We've got a new building in the old Market square
To tell us of linen that's no longer there
To tell us of linen and all its lost skills
Since they closed down the factories and pulled down the mills.

The old street where the Piper's head rolled down the hill
You just wouldn't know it at all
For there's rows of big cars all shapes add sizes
from Smithfield to the Gasworks wall

And the old Chapel Hill and along the Longstone
You'll think you are lost I declare.
For tourists this old place is not too secure
My advice is when coming your life to insure.

For there's crossroads and ring roads and little Green Men.
You could be home with your boots off. before they say when.
And you'll need so wear wellies whenever it rains
For the puddles that form here just can't find the drains.

In spite of all this I would like to confess
That this old town of ours is just one of the best!
Fair is Killarney and Auld Donegal.
But we've got scenery here just as fair as them all.

See the blue hills of Antrim and the auld Co. Down
They're all around Lisburn town
There's a tug at the heart strings if you're far away
And you'll always have hope than you'll come back some day.

Sure the exiles return from all over the world
Home to Lisburn dear old Lisburn Town.

Mary Wood's Prayer


Lord help me in my hour of need
And see me through each day
And kneeling at my bed each night
Hear me when I pray Forgive when I make you sad

For what I do or say
For I am just a sinner Lord
Who walks on life's highway

And when life's evening shadows fall
And time runs out for me
Grant me true repentance Lord
That I may come to Thee

Composed by Mary Woods