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Step over the years and through the gates
Of the Barbour Park in the sun,
Let's meet once again our childhood friends
And share in some 50's fun.

Across the park they come running,
With shouts of delight in the air,
Nothing but acres of grass under foot
And the feel of the wind in our hair.

Let's play once again those favourite games
Of cricket or hide-and-go-seek,
From out of the thick laurel bushes,
With excited eyes we will peep.

Round and round the goalposts tall
Play 'chasies' or kick a football,
And down at the at the old pavilion,
We will jump from the low narrow wall.

Let's climb on the railings and get our shoes scuffed,
Have a race to the big middle gate
We'll  watch all the harriers go running by,
"Hurry up now, or you'll be late!"

Time for a rest on one of the seats,
Some childhood stories to share
Of days spent at Largymore Primary School,
And the moments pass, free from all care.

But look!  Across the park there comes
Tom Wall with his whistle in hand.
It's time to go home for he wants to lock up,
So better get out while we can!

Goodbye my old friends of long ago,
As at the park gates we part,
May all of the years that the future unfolds,
Bring you joy and a happy heart.

MAVIS HEANEY (Author: 'Lisburn - Life in the County Down')