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Sunday Post Bride

I'm often asked for copies of a poem, which appeared, giving fathers thoughts on his daughter's wedding day.

Now I've heard from Megan, in Liverpool, whose Dad did not live long enough to see her married.

He was very much much in the thoughts of both the bride and her mother, and Megan felt he was very close to her on what was a truly lovely day truly lovely day.

She wrote a few lines, which she'd like to share with all the other brides who have now, no father to walk them up the aisle.

Today was extra-special, Dad.
At last I was a bride,
but oh, how much I missed your not being by my side.
I did not wear a dress of white or veil to touch the ground.
But I had all the loving of our family around.
I really needed you so much, but that is nothing new.
You're always deep inside my heart, whatever I may do.
Watch over me with all your love, just as you did in life.
You're still my very special man, though now I am a wife.
Just be with me as always, and here I send my love.
Wrapped up inside my bouquet to my father up above.