Big thank you from

"The Town I love so well"

I sat on a bench in the Market Square,
My friend from Carrick by my side.
I explained how Lisburn used to be,
It was, like I was his personal guide.

I told him about watching the test match
in the window of old JC's.
And how nearly every Sunday night
The girls we loved to tease.

I told him all the shops that closed
how some had changed their names,
how we behaved in the pictures,
and how Sticky Sloan was such a pain.

I told him all about "Hector",
in the market long ago.
How Bow St. then was two-way,
that made the traffic very slow.

Then along came our wives from a shopping spree,
They had a story, I could tell
So that ended the tour for my Carrick friend,
of the "Town I love so well"