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Touched by New York atrocity

LOCAL man Trevor C. Quinn was so moved by the atrocity in New York on September 11 that he decided to put his feelings into verse.

The poem touches on horror of the atrocity itself and the impact on those people left behind.

It is one of a number Trevor has written over the years.


You left us on that fateful morn
And you never would return
All the world would grieve those lost to us
And we waited with concern
For the lives of all those innocents
There's no reason or no rhyme just moments then to say a prayer
For them there was no time

The morn was filled with a thunderous roar
Just smoke and rubble there
The horror of that awful day
Left for you and I to share
No God would want this in their name
By the men who did this deed
So think again ye men of death
We leave you with the shame

We will live with this throughout our lives
And we will never forget
Those souls they took away from us Leaving us to mourn. But yet
We will meet up with them once again
When our days on earth are through
Until then we'll hold them in our hearts
Amid prayers from me and you

So send loving thoughts out to the world
To heal those left behind
And pray this horror won't return
Keep this always on your mind
That men of violence can't succeed
And that justice will prevail
We will wipe this evil from our world
And in this we must not fail