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   Watering Holes

Have you ever had a drink in Betty's bar or an ale in Charlie Brown's and what about old Doris's place in Steamy Kingstown town.

Delmonico's in Capetown sold Brandy snapps galore to Union Castle sailors who liked a run ashore.

Monty's down in Sydney was a seaman's Shangri-La and Ma Gleason's place in Auckland the best sly groggin bar.

The Dog House bar in Panama was famous round the world, for ice cold Cuba Libres and sweetly scented girls.

In Danny's bar in Antwerp be careful where you grope for things might not be what they seem, it might just be a bloke.

The Masons and the Steps were known to the boys from KG5. And the Bootle Arms in Liverpool could really come alive.

There's a Lone Star bar in every port down South American way and the Texas Bar in Santos is where sailors want to play.

Joe Beef's bar in Montreal and the Jungle up in Leith, were places where you'd watch your lip if you needed all your teeth.

There's lots of ports I've never seen in my wandering sailor's life. And some I wish I'd never seen where I ended up in strife.

But if you're working on a tanker or some rusty, run-down tramp You'll always find a watering hole where seamen swing the lamp.