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Time to get cracking
IT'S hard to believe that we are now into the month of June. After a wet month of May there is so much to be done around the garden!

It's time now to get those hanging baskets, tubs and window boxes in order for the summer months.

Garden centres will have a full selection of geraniums, petunias, bedding and basket plants,- so don't miss out and make this summer a colourful one. Continue to tie in climbing plants such as clematis, climbing rose, and of course sweet pea to their supports to ensure they are secured and won't fall or flop over.

Dead head rhododendrons as they fade by removing the old flowering stalk. This will help encourage fresh young even growth which will carry next year's flowers and will also leave the plant looking clean and healthy.

Weeds can be a real problem now after all the rain in May and now a little warmer weather will bring on a sudden burst of weeds through the borders.

These can be controlled by either hand weeding or by use of chemical weed killers such as gramoxone. Roundup or weedall.

Be sure to follow the manufactures' instructions at all times and always wear a mask and the appropriate safety clothing.

If spraying through awkward areas in the border;., with a risk of spray drifting onto shrubs and herbaceous plants, a spray hood may be required. This can be attached to the end of the lance attached to a knapsack sprayer. This way spraying can continue without the risk of affecting neighbouring plants.

In the vegetable garden don't be afraid to give potatoes a light spray to ward off an attack of blight; plant out leeks, cabbage and make fresh sowings of carrots, let tuce and spring onions to keep a fresh supply of greens for those salad days ahead.

Train tomato plants and nip out the side shoots to encourage healthy trusses. Cherry or basket tomato plants do not require the .side shoots removed.

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