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Gardening Tips 

Time to prepare seedbeds   22/03/02
Get ready for the summer   29/03/02
How to get the best out of your Clematis   12/04/02
Gardening Choosing plants for a dry area   19/04/02
Green with envy  26/04/02
Shrub can make big change   03/05/02
Gardening Focus on shrubs 10/05/02
Time to plant 17/05/02
It's not too late to prepare your summer hanging baskets   24/05/02
Check for tree damage 31/05/02
Don't let rain stop you   07/06/02
Weather gives the garden a real battering   14/06/20
Keep an eye on dead, flowers  21/06/02
Why does my Wisteria not flower? 28/06/02
Weeds a menace  07/07/02
Weeds thrive in this weather 12/07/02
Divide and conquer 19/07/02
Think again 26/07/02
Hydrangea Heaven 11/08/02
Ripe Fruit 25/08/02
The last trumpet of colour displayed 30/08/02
Sow now, mow later 06/09/02
Toms are at peak 13/09/02
Don't lose all your colour 20/09/02
Don't give up on colour 18/10/02
Don't be caught cold with the frost 25/10/02
Plants that stay course 01/11/02
Clean up those slippy slabs 22/11/02
Time for a tree 29/11/02
Bring some colour to the home 13/12/02
Time of the year when we think of mistletoe 27/12/02
Sparkle is on way to garden 10/01/03
There's a sparkle in garden 17/01/03
Time to tidy up 24/01/03
Havoc in the garden this week 14/02/03
Pleasure from the leaves 21/02/03
Tidy up for spring 28/02/03
Spring like feel to the garden 07/03/03
Early flowers are the backbone 14/03/03
Jobs that grow on you 21/03/03
Spruce up for Spring 28/03/03
Prune those roses  11/04/03
Growth Improves each day 02/05/03
Take care of the lawn 16/05/03
Tips on making a colourful hanging basket this summer 16/05/03
Key to a good tidy garden 30/05/03
Time to get cracking 06/06/03
Bursting with colour 12/06/03
A month full of colour in the garden 19/06/03
Don't cut back just yet 22/08/03
Protect those plants from the frost 05/09/03
Prepare your plants for the cooler weather 26/09/03
The colour of autumn 04/10/03
 Time to make repairs 17/10/03
Get on with the pruning 07/11/03
Trees that turn fiery red 14/11/03
How to keep the tree healthy 05/12/03
Sparkle - and spare a thought for wildlife 19/12/03
Time to turn over a new leaf 09/01/04
Don't forget the birds 23/01/04
Preparing for Spring 06/02/04
Time to prepare for Spring 13/02/04
Time for the lawn 20/02/04
Shedding some light outdoors 27/02/04
Busy time outdoors and inside 05/03/04