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Country Matters (2005) By Paul Cormacain

Czech out Eva's raptors in beautiful Praha 16/09/05
Bat myths put to rest 02/09/05
The dramatic decrease in farmland birds 26/08/05
Birds and sheep flock together 19/08/05
The large white butterfly is out in force this summer 12/08/05
The sound of the stonechat that recalls the summer 05/08/05
Are there any frogs out there? 29/07/05
The hunt for rare red-throated diver 22/07/05
A hungry heron enjoys a feast of fish 01/07/05
Now even the birds are Europeans 24/06/05
Colourful bullfinch never flaunts its beauty 17/06/05
The birds are back for summer and looking for a soul mate 10/06/05
The sound of the corncrake may just be making a comeback 03/06/05
New facilities at world famous Portstewart Strand 27/05/05
Hundreds turn out for Annual Bluebell Walk 20/05/05
Could some rare birds be making a comeback? 13/05/05
Time for us all to re-think our attitude to waste 06/05/05
No greater joy than the return of the swallow 30/04/05
A rare bird spotted near Lisburn 29/04/05
'Crimes' of much-maligned badger overstated 23/04/05
Where humans build, the house sparrow follows 22/04/05
Treecreeper uncommon sight in our gardens 16/04/05
The rich tapestry of education now available to our children 15/04/05
Getting up close with wild pheasant 08/04/05
Gentle giants of the deep bask in study 02/04/05
United front to draw the choughs back to Rathlin 01/04/05
Plea to report city sightings of the red fox 12/03/05
Birdsong showing the sure signs of Spring 12/03/05
Return trip needed in the search for rare butterflies 11/03/05
Preventing the demise of the humble butterfly 05/03/05
The mystery birds seen flying high over Lisburn. 25/02/05
Migration can also be a fishy, enough tale 19/02/05
Nothing sly about this fox research 18/02/05
Primroses and bees herald start of spring 12/02/05
'Softly flowing' Lagan a mecca for Lisburn's dedicated birdwatchers 11/02/05
Time to visit the enchanted gardens at Rowallane 04/02/05
Tits making their presence felt in nest 29/01/05
Whoopers and bewicks make winter swan songs 27/01/05
Water we going to do folks? Save our cash', 22/01/05
Wildlife of Nice is uncovered 21/01/05
Worms and garbage can brighten up the garden this summer 15/01/05
The special places that revive the spirit  14/01/05
It's such hard work watching those mighty travellers 07/01/05