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The Rambler 2002

A retired Aghalee carrier looks back 27/12/2002
A salute to Alfred a doyen of retired postmen 13/12/2002
It took a good man to make a basket 06/12/2002
Recalling some of the best cracks over the years 29/11/2002
The welcome sound of an Ulster accent 22/11/2002
When it cost £22.00 for a brand new car 15/11/2002
Do you think it would burn? Just try it! 08/11/2002
Life on the Lough... 01/11/2002
An ancient art of baking soda bread 18/10/2002
The eel fisherman's lot is a complicated one 11/10/2002
A very old story recounted perfectly 11/10/2002
An old enemy- with plenty of sting in tail 04/10/2002
You don't ask everyone you dance with their name, do you? 26/07/2002
The magic hands of Ruric Harwood 19/07/2002
It's a tough old life in the Civil Service 12/07/2002
Think of the drapers as well as the farmers   05/07/2002
Iron'-shod wheels and clink of horses shoes 28/06/2002
The start of a lifelong friendship 21/06/2002
Solving the mystery of the White Hall 14/06/2002
In search of a Whitehall 07/06/2002
A norration that's still remembered Rambler 31/05/2002
Rambling around the Coal Lane 24/05/2002
Recounting tales of townlands 17/05/2002
A fascinating look at townland names 10/05/2002
Sampling the fine art of basket making at Chestnut Hill 03/05/2002
Euro directives won't stop the tide of waste 26/04/2002
The season to plant potatoes 19/04/2002
Passing of aged Royal brings-back memories of Abdication in 1936 12/04/2002
Memories of Easter 1941 05/04/2002
Commuting from Moira in the days of bicycles and steam trains 15/03/2002
Reverting back to the favourite `old chestnut' of basket making 08/03/2002
You'd better believe that drinking water is good for you 01/03/2002
The popularity of yoghurt 01/02/2002
Country that moved Patrick to verse 25/01/2002
Euro panic! we remember the `change' of 1971 18/01/2002
Danger of tweaking a goat's beard Part 2 11/01/2002
The mystical power of the goat Part 1 04/01/2002