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Country Matters (2002) By Paul Cormacain

The thing that makes a pheasant so pleasant 04/01/02
A large imposing swan in a small temporary kingdom 11/02/02
The advanced fishing technique of the heron 01/02/02
The south flying knot prepares to return home 08/02/02
Is it any wonder folk rarely leave Hillsborough? 15/02/02
Hard working magpies get down to nesting 01/03/02
The fish catching birds of the beautiful north coast 08/03/02
The time, of the year for the frogs' annual ritual 15/03/02
Spring arrives and the robins get down to building a family home 22/03/02
Chance to enjoy the `thrill of seeing a most beautiful butterfly' 05/04/02
The right place at the right time 19/04/02
The common birds which you don't see to often 26/04/02
Subdued bird launches attack 03/05/02
Warm weather encourages out the butterflies 17/05/02
Heavyweight grey and the lightweight red 21/06/02
Robin needs some practice 28/06/02
Who fancies a Basking Shark Cruise? 07/07/02
Brimstone moth is familiar sight around these shores 12/07/02
Swallows progress to, their second brood 19/07/02
Fluttering into sight 26/07/02
The worsening plight of the spiny coated hedgehog 02/08/20
The badger is not the enemy of the countryside 11/08/02
Ritual that brought the sting of death 18/08/02
Butterflies are on the wing -summer must be here at last 25/08/02
Event at Castle Espie 30/08/02
Lost or escaped, snow geese" were a magnificent sight 06/09/02
Beautiful berry from a versatile and lovely tree 13/09/02
Not so nocturnal snail puts in appearance 20/09/02
A close up view of those visitors from Iceland, 27/09/02
Flying wildlife that makes ferry crossing worthwhile 04/10/02
Marvellous idea becoming reality 11/10/02
Butterflies turn up in the most unexpected places 18/10/02
Common seal facing a new and dangerous threat 25/10/02
Upside down weather makes for unpredictable viewing 01/11/02
A golden sight to gladden the heart 08/11/02
Swans - all the way from Iceland 15/11/02
The wonder of the views from Cavehill 22/11/02
It took an American to remind us of our heritage 06/12/02
Why do wagtails come to Sprucefield to roost? 13/12/02