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Country Matters (2003) By Paul Cormacain

All the info you'll ever need - and a lot more 10/01/03
Birds can brighten up the long, dark winters 17/01/03
The distinctive scoter is a feature of offshore waters 31/01/03
The herring gull thriving in our throwaway modern society 07/02/03
Could worms reduce growing waste problem? 14/02/03
A reminder that Spring will soon be in the air 21/02/03
A flock of thrushes enjoying their winter holiday 28/02/03
The well hidden spot which the nesting birds can find 07/03/03
Travelling in the land of the literate pheasant 14/03/03
Was this bee buzzing about a little too early 21/03/03
The pied wagtails who won't be friends for long 28/03/03
The early ladybird brings hopes of good weather 04/04/03
A very pheasant stroll 11/04/03
Foresight that saved some of these important flood plains 18/04/03
A great day to see insects fly like butterflies 02/05/03
Amazing Swifts are back - and earlier than ever 09/05/03
Where are all the rabbits? 16/05/03
The unexpectedly fascinating life of a pond 23/05/03
Wonderful wildlife at Strangford 30/05/03
Weather leaves the insects mystified 06/06/03
Bullfinch's rapid rate of fruit attack too much for some 12/06/03
A picture of happy, contented family life 19/06/03
The days of much tastier mushrooms 17/06/03
Give a badger a bad name, and it will stick 04/07/03
Finding out the legal position of the badgers 18/07/03
Sea holly - a lovely flower but beware-of the sting 25/07/03
Hitting the road in search of choughs 01/08/03
Flying butterflies and flying seeds 15/08/03
Lisburn talk on Golden Eagle 22/08/03
Berry clever way to see flowers of the Arum 29/08/03
The wildlife legacy that Lawrence has left us all 05/09/03
Secret squirrels are tree-mendous climbers 19/09/03
The confusing case of the Scottish flower names 26/09/03
Taking advantage of the unseasonable weather 03/10/03
The too rare kite takes to the skies above Lisburn again 10/10/03
The perfect time for a visit to the Dog's Leap in the Roe Valley 17/10/03
The many, and unexpected, uses of mucus for a snail 24/10/03
The modest jay likes to keep his head well down 31/10/03
Wealth of insect life draws hordes of pied wagtails 07/11/03
How new technology is finally taming the shrew 14/11/03
Wagtails flock in 21/11/03
Come hare till I tell you why we have to save this animal 28/11/03
The last butterfly sightings of the year 19/12/03
Enjoy the sights at Carrickfergus 26/12/03