Great Whale River
Hudson Bay
Sandra Brown would like some information about her Dad, Tom Campbell he was a Scotsman. Her dad was in Great Whale River in the late 50's

Sandra says "I am afraid I lost my dad 14 years ago August 5th. I guess I am trying to make a connection with
him in some small way. He finally came home in 1961 when I was 18 months old.

I was wondering if there was a fire service/paramedic unit up there. As my dad was a fireman before he went up there then it would be logical that he would be doing that. He did tell a story about sewing up someone's back with a needle and thread as they had been hit by a propeller and needed to be medi-vacced out but were losing too much blood.

If you recognise anybody, places and dates of photographs please email me Jim Collins
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Mid Canada Line Great Whale River late 1950’s
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