Niagara Hot Food Bars
Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.
The business was carried on during the war years with great difficulty and hard work.
After the war, in 1945, Isaac applied for a license to sell Ice Cream, which was unobtainable during the war. An Ice Cream and confectionery shop was started in Tonagh Drive. In 1948 Isaac applied to start a Fish and Chip shop and was granted a licence to sell Fish and Chips, the license is in the possession of his son Jim. The Ice Cream shop was then converted to sell fish and chips
The first chip range was converted from a coal range by Mr. Hedley Page who lived at 5 Tonagh Park (Drive) and worked in the BBC. The fat was heated by radiant heat elements, like an electric heater under the pans . It was not very successful and as it kept breaking down was replaced around 1952 by a Henry Nuttall Range.
The Grocery business in 144 Longstone Street was sold to a Mr. Liam Boyle in 1962, as it was all too much work for Isaac.
Isaac was awarded the franchise to run a sub post office in 1963.
Mr. Jim Collins who had immigrated to Canada in 1953 returned in 1963 and it was decided to expand the chip shop along with running the post office. The building work was carried out by Mr. Leslie Bell of Hillsborough; this entailed re-furbishing 146-148 Longstone Street, which was owned by Isaac.
A new Frank Ford (top of the range) chip range was installed. The name "Niagara" was used because of Jim's time in Canada and it was decided to give the new shop a Canadian feel.
In 1964 it was decided to rebuild again, as the business was very successful. Mr. Charles Freel, whose daughter is now working here (1997), carried out the building work. George Nicholl of Mitchell's Shopfitters did the shopfitting
The grocery business was purchased back again from Mr. Liam Boyle around 1968 but the business was closed and the shop used for the post office. The Fish restaurant was then extended.
When Isaac retired the post office was sold, as Jim was more interested in the food business.
The business has expanded and contracted over the years and eventually had branches in Lisburn , Dunmurry, Moira, Newcastle, Downpatrick . Using  names such as Speddicooks, Niagara 1, 2, 3, 4.
Eventually all the branches were sold and Jim retired in 2000.
The business was first started as a Grocery Store (West End Stores) in 1932 at 144 Longstone Street Lisburn by Mr. Isaac Collins who worked in Mullan & McHenry's grocery shop in Bow Street Lisburn.

The photograph left was taken outside Mullen & McHenry's circa 1932 we think the other person is Minnie McKinney who also worked there.

The business was carried on by his wife Doreen and Sister Sally until it was established. Sally left to get married in 1937.
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