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The Fund was established some 33 years ago and since then a considerable amount of money has been raised for research. It sponsors a number of progressive and worthwhile projects in the Royal Victoria and Belfast City Hospitals and also in Queen’s University Belfast and currently supports an active, ongoing research commitment.

It is accepted that the more research which is carried out, the greater possibility of advancement in knowledge It is also appreciated that the present improvement in outlook in sufferers has come about not so much by dramatic ‘breakthroughs’ as by painstaking and dedicated work .

Without the support of this fund this work could not have been carried out and the contribution in the research field by Northern Ireland would have been so much less. You may also be interested to know that the Fund has no administrative expenses, all the money donated goes to finance the research work carried out in the Province.

We need your continued support to enable us to continue with this research work and hopefully provide a cure for all sufferers.

Northern Ireland Leukaemia Research Fund (NILRF)

Lisburn Branch

NILRF promotes and funds research into the causes and cure of leukaemia

in Northern Ireland

Patron: Duke of Abercorn