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Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland

Strictly Dance Fever grips Wallace High school

Strictly Dance Fever


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Public support sees Rebecca through another week

SUPPORTERS of rising dance star, Rebecca Leonard, breathed a sigh of relief this week when the Lisburn girl made it through, once again, to the next round of BBC's Strictly Dance Fever.

After a tense show on Saturday night, Rebecca was relieved to have the support of the public, after a disappointing response from the judges.

Even though Rebecca and her dance partner Adam were at the bottom of the leader board after the judges' decision, the pair won the hearts of the public and went through to the next round, which just goes to prove how important local support is for the dancing duo.

Rebecca admitted to the Ulster Star last week that she was very nervous about Saturday night's Lambada, but the pair's dance coaches did all they could to loosen her up - even sending her off to pole dancing lessons!

Rebecca's mother, Irene, said she was delighted with the support Rebecca had received and has thanked everyone in Lisburn who has picked up the phone and voted to help keep her daughter's life-long dream alive.

As a special treat this week Rebecca had a surprise visit from her grandmother, who was flown over to visit the London mansion where the dancers have been living for the last four weeks.

The surprise visit was organised by the BBC to commemorate VE Day. The grandparents were treated to a showcase of talent, with the housemates performing dances from the 1940's, before they all enjoyed high tea together and Rebecca and the other contestants bid their visitors a fond farewell.

Speaking exclusively to the Star this week, Rebecca spoke of her relief at making it through another week, her concerns for this Saturday's competition and expressed her thanks to everyone who has supported her.

"I am very relieved that I am here, so thank you to everyone who voted for us again" she said.

"We struggled with the Lambada last week. We knew it wasn't going to be our best performance and when we watched it back it wasn't, but given that we had a really hard week at least we did get a routine out, which is something.

"We had a go at pole dancing last week as well, which was funny. I am a bit prudish when it comes to things like that and there was a few of us who were a bit put off by it but it's a fun thing. It did help us to get into the concept of the Lambada but I don't thing it's something that I will be looking into in the future!

"This week we have got the Foxtrot and it is a bit of a nightmare.

"To be honest rehearsals are pretty awful and it's one of the hardest ballroom dances. For beginners to learn it in a week is really difficult.

"We just have to try the best we can but, particularly on Monday, we were at the point where we just didn't know how to do it.

"I have never done ballroom dancing before and don't know anything about it. "The other dances are the Lindy Hop and Jitterbug and for everybody watching at home they are going to be more glamorous and exciting than the Foxtrot.

"As each week goes on there is more and more pressure. Last week we did a group routine that was just thrown at us. "Everyday in here there is something to do, for example last night Alex and Katy came back, the night before we had a karaoke competition and we also went to HMS Belfast to perform for the veterans. This week the pressure is really on.

"Even though everyone says we get a week to learn a dance you don't get a full week because you don't have all day every day. "Having said that, I am still loving it here, it's all really brilliant and I just hope that everyone keeps voting for us so that we can stay another week."

YOU can vote all week for Adam and Rebecca by calling 0901 121 4003 or by texting 'Vote 3' to 63633. Calls cost 25p with at least 12p going to Comic Relief and texts cost 25p plus standard message rate, I 1p goes to Comic Relief. Remember, unlike the May 5 elections, you can vote as often as you like!


Strictly Dance Fever grips Wallace High school

REBECCA'S former teachers at Wallace High School have been glued to their television sets for the last few Saturday nights watching the school protg make a name for herself.

Ms. Deborah Wallace who taught the dancer Home Economics at A-Level said the whole school - teachers, staff and pupils - were very proud of her achievement and were giving their full support every week.

Recalling memories of Rebecca and speaking of the contribution she made to the school, Ms Wallace said: "Rebecca was a great girl. She was very enthusiastic and got involved with everything at school.

"She was always into her dance and even though she has left school she still comes back to assist with various dance and drama related events.

"She recently helped with productions in the Prep Department and she has choreographed the sixth form Christmas production.

"She keeps coming back to encourage young people in school to dance.

"Every Monday morning the staff have great chats about the show and everybody has been phoning in to vote.

"The pupils have been supporting her as well and one pupil said she had voted 20 times for Rebecca!

"It is only right that we should support her after all the support she has given the school over the years.

"I would encourage everyone to vote for Rebecca, after all this is a great thing, not just for Rebecca, the school and Lisburn but for the whole of Northern Ireland."

Wallace is so full of 'Strictly Dance Fever', they even held their own competition this week to raise money for charity.

The school's Strictly Dance Fever competition also included Rebecca's own dance class who entertained the audience during the contest.

Speaking exclusively to the Ulster Star from London this week Rebecca was told of the competition and was delighted that her old school was supporting her.

She also joked: "I hope the dance class does well without