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Questions & Answers 2007

This week Jenny Monroe talks to

SIMON Cunningham, 28, who will play Dame Trott in the Lisnagarvey Operatic Society's production of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 02/11/2007
MARK Cowan, 24, from Lisburn is a music producer and DJ 26/10/2007
NICK Maltman, 23, is interested in pursuing a career in journalism and spent a week at the Star. 19/10/2007
MEGAN Boe,16, who is a pupil at St. Patrick's High School. 12/10/2007
LISBURN singer-songwriter John D'Arcy, 18 05/10/2007
ROGER Warnock, 37, who owns adventure retail store RAW Outdoors in Hillsborough. 28/09/2007
SARAH Maxwell, 15. from Lisburn is a fifth year student at Fort Hill College 21/09/2007
KAREN Lyons, 42, is preparing to open Lyon's Cubs day nursery on the Antrim Road 14/09/2007
LYNDA Gregg, 49, who is a fully qualified Yoga/Pilates fitness instructor 07/09/2007
CLARE Manson, 16, from Lisburn is a member of local drama group Fusion Theatre. 31/08/2007
GRACE Teggart, 20, is the Crumlin Festival Queen for 2007 24/08/2007
CARLY Foster,19, from Lisburn recently completed A Levels at Hunterhouse 17/08/2007
LOUISE McCorry, 22, is a student doctor. She studies medicine in Dundee 10/08/2007
STEPHEN Roddy, 25, who is a member of the band Furlo 03/08/2007
MATT Crothers, 24, who plays the drums with Belfast's alterna-rock band CQDA 20/07/2007
JACQUI Roberts, 45, who owns 'Black Confetti' a rock music merchandise store located in Graham Gardens, 13/07/2007
CATHERINE Keenan whose exhibition of glass works and paintings ends on Saturday at Art Act Gallery 06/07/2007
PETER Wilson, 17. a sixth former at Wallace High School. is a member of Lisburn based Maryland Wheelers Cycling Club. 29/06/2007
LOUISE Stevenson, 25, is one of the business partners of new hairdressing company `Hair in the City'. 22/06/2007
PETER McLaughlin, 17, from Dunmurry who is a pupil at St Mary's Grammar School doing A-levels. 15/06/2007
ANNETTE Hewitt, 49, who is a Co-ordinator in Lisburn Volunteer Centre (LVC). 08/06/2007
JENNIFER McBride, 30, who is a member of the the team from Finaghy Methodist Church going to Tanzania this summer 01/06/2007
WILLIAM Taylor, 17, is a member of Hillhall Young Farmers Club. 25/05/2007
BREIGE Hanna, 31, is the youngest member of local band, the Hanna Sisters. 18/05/2007
CONOR Irvine 16, from Upper Ballinderry, became the youngest person in Ulster to pilot a plane solo on his recent birthday. 11/05/2007
VINCENT Tsang, 20, is a mathematics student al Queen's University. 04/05/2007
LISBURN actor Dean Johnson, 14, has been selected to attend a workshop with Youth Music Theatre:UK in Scotland. 27/04/2007
LORRAINE Hayes is a Clarins Beauty Consultant at Menarys in Bow Street Mall. 20/04/2007
DAWN Patton, 26, is playing Reno Sweeney in Lisnagarvey Operatic Society's 50th anniversary performance ' Anything Goes' 13/04/2007
MARIE-CLAIRE Murray, 22, a trainee journalist, lives in Finaghy 06/04/2007
JOANNE Little, 27, a hairstylist for nine years and currently works at ASH on Longstone Street. 30/03/2007
SARAH Graham, 17, a lower sixth student at Laurelhill Community College. 23/03/2007
MARION McGlade, 23, from Lambeg, who is studying to be a journalist at Belfast Institute. 16/03/2007
EMMA McAlister, 17, is a pupil at Rathmore Grammar School 09/03/2007
GERARD Walton, 17, from Lisburn is a student at Our Lady and St Patrick's College. 02/03/2007
PETER Coleman, 19, a member of Fusion Theatre, a youth theatre company based in Lisburn. 23/02/07
LAURA Allison, 17, a pupil at Friends' School Lisburn. 16/02/2007
DUKE Special a.k.a Peter Wilson, Lisburn born musician 09/02/2007
KEITH Reid. 16, a sixth form student at Fort Hill College. 02/02/2007
NATALIE Coia, 36, a Slimming World Consultant 26/01/2007
STEVEN Adams, 17, a member of Fusion Theatre. 19/01/2007
ASTRID McElwaine, 29, is the Communications and Fundraising Officer for Youth for Christ Northern Ireland 12/01/2007
ANDREW Roden (21) from Lisburn who works at Travelcare in Antrim Street. 05/01/2007